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We are a group of parents, alumni and members of the local community supporting Edmonds-Woodway High School student-athletes through private fundraising and volunteer efforts.

We show our support through many efforts to develop and maintain:

  • Academic Emphasis: including study table time, library time, study support, freshman mentorship, acknowledgement of students with both high and improving GPA’s.

  • Athletic Excellence: ensuring that our coaches and athletic staff have the financial and other resources necessary for successful programs.

  • Accessibility: for athletes through reduced participation fees, ASB cards, equipment funding and supporting parental attendance.

Board MemberS

2023 - 2024:


President: Margaret Browne

Treasurer: James Oliver -

Fundraising Chair: Vanessa Knowles


President-Elect & Auction Chair: Misty Alseth   Secretary: Erik Dobson / Lisa Braidech

Web master/Social Media:

Coach/Parent Liaison: Aaron Hanson

Membership Coordinator:  Chad Wichers


1. Raise money for EW teams

With each school year bringing reduced funding from the school district for athletics, we support both the overall fundraising efforts and provide support and resources for parents to raise money for individual teams hosting small fundraisers.


2. Build a cohesive community of parents

“Welcome! You are a member of the EWABC because your child plays sports at EW.” How will you be involved? How can you foster a community of support to other teams?

3. Establish sustainability for EW ABC

Build a culture of collaboration and natural transitions of core leadership. Hub-spoke model of involvement and support.

4. Reinforce effective information distribution

Find most effective portal of parent communication. Develop website/Develop effective email distribution list/use Twitter & Facebook to support goals. Encourage and support best practices in communication/calendar management from school, athletic department, coaches and booster club.

5. Encourage community of athletes being good sports on and off the field

Athletes supporting athletes, athletes supporting coaches/teachers/staff, athletes supporting the band, and athletes supporting the Boosters. Attendance at games and events intra-sport.

6. Link budget with short/med/long-term goals

Identify past 2 and future 2 years budget and clearly identify ABC annual costs for administration/promotion/communication.

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